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Cessna Citation II Landing at Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport and long Takeoff Roll

A Cessna Citation II (CE-550) flying a visual approach and landing at the rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport (KBJC). The takeoff later that afternoon is in the video. At an elevation of 5,673 feet, BJC is a high altitude airport. Jet engines progressively lose thrust as they climb above sea level. This reduction of takeoff thrust means that a longer runway is required for the aircraft to accelerate to it’s takeoff speed. This takeoff is on runway 29R which has an uphill gradient of 1.3% resulting in an uphill run that requires even more runway for the airplane to accelerate. In addition high ambient temperatures also reduce the thrust of the engine. This was a relatively cool day so we didn’t take a third performance penalty on our takeoff. Even so, the extra time required to accelerate to our takeoff speed is noticeable in the video.